12 Best Postpartum Girdles To Buy In 2019

Pregnancy Girdles

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Becky had a nice physique. And she was proud of it. But her pregnancy has changed it all, making her feel so bad that she almost slipped into postpartum depression. One thing that could save her and bring back to normal was a girdle.

Postpartum girdle, also known as post pregnancy shapewear, compresses your abdomen, backside, and hips, giving you a shapely look. These amazing body shapers perform wonders.

But does a girdle really help? What are its benefits, and which one suits you the best? Momjunction answers all these questions about post pregnancy body shaper, and lists the best rated post pregnancy girdles online.

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12 Best Rated Post Pregnancy Girdles

We bring you a list of girdles, their features, and downsides, which you may consider before you buy one.

1. Foumech Girdle With Adjustable Straps (Best girdle after C-section)

Foumech Girdle With Adjustable Straps (Best girdle after C-section)


  • Has a double-adjustment Velcro fastener that you can fasten even with limited strength
  • Breathable fabric which allows air circulation into the incision
  • Stretchable material that offers extra support to your back and sides
  • Built-in boning gives support to your lower back
  • Makes you look skinnier
  • Does not cut or dig into your skin


  • Cannot be machine-washed
  • You should wash it before you use it for the first time


2. LODAY 2 In 1 Postpartum Recovery Belt:

LODAY 2 In 1 Postpartum Recovery Belt


  • Fairly thick material that is comfortable and soft to wear all day long
  • Slides on easily and you need not worry about fastening it
  • Provides firm control and smoothens any bulges in your tummy and back
  • Four flexible boning areas keep it from moving around
  • Budget friendly girdle
  • Does not roll


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  • Correct body measurements are required to find the right size
  • On long-term usage, you may have problems of discomfort at the boning


3. Bellefit Dual-Closure Girdle (Best Girdle After C-Section):

Bellefit Dual-Closure Girdle (Best Girdle After C-Section)


  • High-quality, medical-grade and doctor-recommended abdominal panel.
  • Available in different styles.
  • Contains a hook and eye closure in the front, and zipper to the side.
  • Supports and tightens the abdomen, and allows speedy recovery.
  • Invisible when worn under the clothes.
  • Does not slip, bundle up or roll down.


  • Saddle between the legs can cause irritation because of the rubbing on inner thighs.
  • Expensive.


4. Belly Bandit:

Belly Bandit


  • Available in different styles – made with cotton, lace, and bamboo.
  • Tightens and compresses belly, hips and waist.
  • Helps the skin retain nourishment by soaking the moisture while breathing.
  • Convenient to put on and take off.
  • Does not harm by causing any chafing and rubbing.


  • It is more like a wide belt.
  • Visible when you wear under the clothes if you have curves


5. Leonisa Slimming Braless Body Shaper:

Leonisa Slimming Braless Body Shaper


  • Sexy and comfortable; easy to put on and stays tight all around your tummy and hips.
  • Good option following a C-section.
  • Closes across the tummy, making it easier to adjust the compression.
  • Ultra-flat zipper closure with three hooks.
  • Invisible under the clothes.
  • The comfortable and silky smooth fabric provides better breathability and compression.


6. Squeem ‘Perfect Waist’ Firm Compression Waist Trainer:

Squeem 'Perfect Waist' Firm Compression Waist Trainer


  • Offers the needed compression to trim the tummy, and supports the back.
  • Trims specific areas of the body.
  • Deep-rooted boning structure prevents it from rolling up.
  • Invisible even if you wear under a strapless dress or low waist trouser.


7. 3-in-1 Postpartum Support Girdle – Belt Shapewear Waist Belts:

3-in-1 Postpartum Support Girdle – Belt Shapewear Waist Belts


  • Comprises three belts that address issues of tummy, hips, and waist.
  • Available in a single size.
  • Made of high quality, durable and lightweight cloth. It helps reduce the risks of skin irritation.
  • Speeds up the healing process and offers support to the back.


  • A little tricky to wear for the first time since it has three belts.
  • Bulky, and is not suitable to wear under clothes.


8. Just Us Store Fajate VS Colombian Post-Surgery Postpartum Body Shaper Girdle:

Just Us Store Fajate VS Colombian Post-Surgery Postpartum Body Shaper Girdle


  • Ideal for postpartum recovery.
  • Aims at flattening the tummy and trimming the waist.
  • Made of anti-microbial fabric.



9. Amon Forgive Post-Partum Maternity Girdle:

Amon Forgive Post-Partum Maternity Girdle


  • Simple with easy pull-up design.
  • Easy to wear all day, and comfortable.
  • Budget friendly.
  • Made of nylon-spandex fabric, which is super breathable.
  • Available in three colors – white, black and nude.


  • Does not provide the needed support as other types do.


10. Gabrialla Post Partum Support Girdle:

Gabrialla Post Partum Support Girdle


  • Classic pull-up design is suitable after a vaginal delivery.
  • Offers back support, improves posture and relieves pain.
  • Made of cotton lined nylon plastic that is allergy-free and provides excellent grip.
  • Available in varied sizes.
  • Budget friendly.


  • Hides your curves.
  • Not comfortable to wear it all day long.
  • Can bundle up or roll down.


11. L.A. Helena Women Postpartum Girdle Corset Recovery Belly Band Wrap Belt:

L.A. Helena Women Postpartum Girdle Corset Recovery Belly Band Wrap Belt


  • Designed in such a way that it tightens around the tummy.
  • Offers right support and speeds recovery.
  • Budget friendly.


  • Rolls up when you sit.
  • Some Amazon reviews say it might not be of best quality.


12. Trendyline® Women Postpartum Girdle Corset Recovery Belly Band Wrap Belt:

Trendyline® Women Postpartum Girdle Corset Recovery Belly Band Wrap Belt


  • Offers excellent support to the back and tightens the tummy.
  • Comfortable material and lightweight.
  • Available in varied sizes.
  • Budget friendly.


  • Can bundle up sometimes.
  • Slightly visible when worn under clothes.


Does Wearing A Girdle After Pregnancy Help?

A postpartum girdle helps the tummy and uterus to shrink back to their original size, or even smaller. Some girdles are made to shrink your hips too. For cesarean section moms, the corset can hold the incision intact so that they do not come apart. The firm support can offer you many physical benefits.

One great thing to say is: it makes you feel better and not hurt you.

Why not give it a try?

Benefits Of Wearing A Postpartum Girdle:

Whether you have had a natural or a surgical childbirth, wearing a post pregnancy girdle can speed up the recovery process.

1. Boosts your self-esteem:

It is natural for new moms to feel flabby. Your baby weight would take time to burn off. It also takes time for the muscles and skin to get back to a normal state. The postpartum girdle will make you feel more confident as your body shape begins to normalize.

2. Recovers muscles:

Post delivery, the abdomen is deflated, and it takes a long time for the muscles to contract and the skin to regain its flexible nature. The girdle will help in holding these muscles and skin in the right position, thereby promoting better posture.

3. Keeps midsection in place:

Postpartum belly wraps will prevent uncomfortable movement of your skin in the midsection area. Skin movement will not only make you feel uncomfortable but also cause stretch marks and damage the skin’s elastic property. Therefore, preventing movement of the loose skin will aid speedy recovery and promote an attractive post-baby bump midsection.

4. Aids C-section recovery:

Wearing a postpartum girdle helps in relieving the swelling of the abdominal area, and limits the painful tissue movements. It will also eliminate the fear of laughing, coughing and getting up from the bed since the shapewear will hold the stitches and incisions intact. This will, thereby, prevent reopening of the incisions, and help them heal faster.

5. Fitter clothing:

Undoubtedly, you can wear your pre-pregnancy clothing over this shapewear. This would bring a smile on your face, as the joy of fitting into the old clothes is great.

6. Supports the back:

Conditions such as scoliosis, spinal curvature, and radiculitis become worse post pregnancy. It is due to the additional pressure on the back developed during pregnancy and post delivery. A post pregnancy belly wrap can significantly aid your back that requires additional support.

When Can You Start Wearing Postpartum Girdle?

Get the approval of your doctor before using a girdle. It all depends on whether you had a natural delivery or cesarean section.

For natural delivery, you can start wearing it right after the birth. In case of a C-section, you have to wait until the incision heals. But there are some girdles discussed below which you can use immediately as they are designed for C-sec mothers.

However, confirm with your doctor before using them.

How Long Can You Wear the Girdle After Pregnancy?

It all depends on your body specifics. You can wear it for an average duration of four to six weeks. It is hard to predict when the uterus can get back to its size, and also the skin elasticity differs from woman to woman. Some regain their pre-pregnancy shape fast, while some may take more time.

You can wear it every day, awake or asleep. Using it continuously for the first week helps you achieve most of the benefits. After the initial week, you can take it off at nights. You can continue wearing it for the next 120 days or until you become comfortable without it.

If you have had a C-section, you may stop wearing it once the stitches heal. It usually takes about four weeks for the stitches to heal, but it can even take longer if the blood circulation is disturbed. In that case, you may have to use the girdle longer.

Types Of Postpartum Girdles

One type of girdle does not suit all. There are various kinds, choose the one that fits you well.

1. Zipper style girdle:

They have a zipper that is either on the front or the side. Front zipper type is easier to wear and take off, especially if you have had a C-section.

2. Corset style girdle:

They have snap or boning enclosures and are made of medical grade material. They offer you the maximum support required for post pregnancy recovery.

3. Pull-up style girdle:

This is handy and provides support like an underwear with high waist. If you choose to use this, you may have to wait until two weeks post childbirth and take the opinion of your doctor. It is not ideal to use it after cesarean section as it will interfere with abdominal recovery.

4. Wrap style girdle:

It has a frontal flap which wraps around the midsection and fastens at the back.

The Postpartum Girdle Buying Checklist

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Before buying the post pregnancy shapewear, you may have to consider a few things, including:

  1. Effectiveness: Does it offer support? Does it give the right compression? Does it help relieve back pain? Does it straighten your back? Will it work both types of birthing – vaginal or cesarean?
  1. Durability: How is the material quality? Does it stay in shape even after extended use, and can it provide a tight snug?
  1. Comfort: Does it slip and loosen with use? Does it harm your skin? Does it bunch up or roll down? Can you carry out other activities when wearing it?
  1. Wearability: Can it be used all day long? Can it be worn under clothes?
  1. Material: Is it made of latex, cotton, nylon and is it breathable? Does it cause any irritation or allergy? Is it doctor-recommended or medical-graded?
  1. Price: Can you afford it?

Some moms require a girdle which helps them hide post baby weight and look slim, while some others need for supporting their multiple body parts. Therefore, you select one that meets your requirements.

Can Post Pregnancy Girdles Be Harmful?

Some healthcare providers opine that wearing girdles could impact a woman’s digestive system, weaken her back muscles and stress incontinence as it binds the abdominal wall too firmly.

A tight corset and strenuous exercises are a big no-no in the initial six months after delivery. They increase the risk of bladder weakness, clots, and low blood pressure.

Therefore, it is always good to check with your obstetrician before planning to use a girdle.

Things To Remember While Wearing A Postpartum Girdle

A post natal girdle or belt will help your body, especially your abdominal region, waist and hips to return to a pre-pregnancy shape. Before you choose one for yourself and wear it, remember:

  1. Once you have your baby, your body will take at least a few months to return to a non-pregnant shape. It took nine months for your body to nurture your newborn, so give it at least that much time to heal and recuperate.
  1. In your haste to get back in shape, do not wear the post-pregnancy belt before you get a confirmation from your doctor.
  1. Make sure you wear the post-pregnancy belt only after you have thoroughly cleaned yourself. Keep the area dry to prevent infection or irritation. Discontinue using it in case you feel any discomfort.

Postpartum body shapers can significantly help new moms in restoring their shape. Identifying and getting the right shapewear is the key.rtum Girdles

Have you tried postpartum girdles? What was your experience with them? You are welcome to share your thoughts in our comment section below.

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