At The End Of The Day, People Will Always Reveal Themselves To You

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At the end of the day, all your questions will be answered. Every person will tell you exactly who they are over time. They will either be everything you wanted them to be and more or they’ll be everything you thought they’d never be. They’ll either manifest all your doubts or all your beliefs. Every person will show you what you mean to them through their actions because words are free but actions come with a price. They come with consistency, commitment and effort. They come with a price not everyone can afford.

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At the end of the day, your confusion will be cleared. If you’re wondering whether or not someone cares or whether they’re in your life for the long haul. Time will reveal the truth. It will reveal their heart. Time will tell you if the love they claimed to have for you was real or if it was a lie because you’ll never know who a person really is when things are easy and the ships are sailing smoothly. You will only know when the tide is high and the storm is strong. You will only know when it’s dark and you need a hand to help you get to the shore. You will know if the ship you’re on can keep sailing when they’re with you or if it will sink.

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At the end of the day, people will show you what you mean to them. You will find it in the little things. Like the way they listen to your childhood stories and try to connect the dots that make you who you are today. Like how they try to console you after a bad day and make you feel less alone. Like how they try to make up for the things they did that disappointed you. Or do they always label you with words that don’t even reflect who you are, like dramatic or complicated or damaged? Do they take everything you tell them and come up with the worst possible conclusion? Do they make you feel like you’ll never be on the same page? Do they make you feel like you’re just talking to a brick wall?

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At the end of the day, people will always reveal themselves to you if you pay attention. If you take your blinders off for a minute. If you don’t let your feelings cloud your judgment. If you watch closely who they become when it’s time for them to show up for you. When they’re tested on everything they’ve promised you. When they have to prove their love and their loyalty to you. When it’s time for them to bring their words to life.

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At the end of the day, every person will reveal their true colors. They will show you if the picture you painted for them was accurate or if it was your imagination wishing they’d live up to it, but once people tell you who they really are, you have to repaint that picture even though it might not be as pretty and colorful as it was before because that’s the hard thing about the truth, it’s not always pretty and that’s the hard truth about people, they’re not always honest about who they really are.

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