Is It Safe To Use Clove Oil When You Are Pregnant?


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Are you pregnant and checking the safety of anything you use at this stage? Do you want to be sure about the herbs and natural remedies you use? Have you heard of the many beneficial uses of clove and clove oil? Do you wish to know whether can you use clove oil when pregnant? Well, if you related to one of the questions, you should read our post below.

What Is Clove Oil?

Clove is a herb and its oil, clove oil, is used as a medicine for various home remedies. Clove oil is mainly used to treat conditions like diarrhea, bad breath, and hernia. In some cases, it is also used as a safe alternative to treat conditions like nausea, vomiting, indigestion as well as intestinal gas (1).

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Is It Safe To Use Clove Oil During Pregnancy?

It is mostly considered safe to use clove oil while pregnant, provided you use small amounts. It is important, however, to speak to your doctor and take a confirmation before you use clove oil. Not enough information is available to assess the safety of using clove oil while you are pregnant. So, beware of clove oil until your doctor says otherwise (2).

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Using Clove Oil To Treat Tooth Pain While You Are Pregnant

Once your doctor gives you the go-ahead, you can use clove oil to treat tooth pain at home.

Take a whole clove and chew on the same slowly. The oils that the clove releases will seep into your sore tooth and gums, and help treat your toothache in a safe and natural way. Even though clove oil is available in the market, it is better to use a clove.

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Large quantities of clove oil can cause significant damage to the nerve, and trigger many changes in the baby’s physiology. Make sure you do not chew more than one or two cloves a day. Once the clove oil starts to flow, you will notice a considerable amount of relief from pain as early as within half an hour.

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What Are The Types Of Clove Oil?

Clove oil occurs in three variants when you purchase it from the market. Here are the three types:

  • Bud Oil: It is the oil that is derived from the flower buds of the clove plant.
  • Leaf Oil: It is the oil that is derived from the leaves of the clove plant.
  • Stem Oil: It is the oil that is derived from the twigs of the clove plant.

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Does Using Clove Oil During Pregnancy Have Any Side Effects?

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Taking clove oil in large quantities can cause significant side effects and damage your health. It can be harmful when you are pregnant, as it can not only affect you but can also cause health complications in your unborn baby. Here are some of the side effects of using too much clove oil:

  • It can cause a significant difficulty in breathing.
  • Your heartbeat can increase
  • You may experience sudden sleepiness or dizziness.
  • A sudden episode of diarrhea
  • Burns in the mouth or throat
  • In severe cases, it can also lead to bleeding in your intestine as well as kidney or liver failure.

Clove oil is considered a safe herbal remedy when taken in moderate quantities, but make sure you speak with your doctor before even trying it out in small quantities.

Did you use clove oil in pregnancy? What did your doctor advise? Tell us about your stories, suggestions and comments below. Fellow moms would be delighted to hear from you.

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